31 October 2016

Archival Items

I have been asked what kinds of items we are digitizing and including in the archives.  Currently, we have photographs, documents, artifacts, and two VHS tapes are being converted to digital files.  We are very excited to have the amount of items, though processing and entering them in the database is a little daunting; we are ecstatic to know these items have not been lost to time!

Items to be digitized from the W. B. "Bud" Hopson, Jr. Collection

Envelope containing a personal letter addressed to T&P Mechanical Engineer, H.D. Hollis

Luggage scale at the depot at Sierra Blanca

25 October 2016

Historical Photographs

Research is leading to uncertainties more than confirmations.  The archives has six photos from the H. D. Hollis Collection of Engine 600.  We believe these photos are of the 16 March 1946 crash in Jefferson, Texas on the Wharton Curve.  However, we do not have complete data to verify this.  If you know or have verification of this information, we would love to hear from you.